Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Trinity County Elections

Trinity County Elections impact and are of interest to us all! Share your thoughts, comments, LINKS to candidate or propositon webpages, and ideas for better government.

Just CLICK on COMMENTS... to post your contribution, you can use your name or not, either way your thoughts will be posted here. Please avoid personal attacks and inappropriate
topics (porn,drugs,etc.) they will be deleted.

We have local and statewide candidates to elect, decisions about the future of Trinity Healthcare and many other important issues in 2006.

Trinity County (CA) Election BLOG- Welcome!

Welcome to the Trinity County (CA) Election BLOG! This is an addition to the traditional election coverage provided by "TrinityCam", http://www.trinitycam.com to provide space on the internet for the exchange of ideas that will hopefully result in better government and community for all of us. Please use this BLOG and tell your friends.

TrinityCam has become a "window to the world" for our county. Many folk's first view of our scenic Northern California Vacationland and unique way of life is through the WEBCAM pointed at the snowcapped "Alps".

The information-packed pages of Greg Greenwood's personal Trinity County Internet Marketing project are in their 6th year, with more than 6,000 hours of website creation and updating.

The primary purpose of Trinity's largest informational website is to provide information that will result in economic growth and community improvements to Trinity County. Tourists and their money are invited to Trinity, the resulting TOT tax and SALES TAX rebate goes right into our county general fund to benefit us all. The FREE-Business Directory, Community Websites, FREE Info-pages, Links to everything Trinity, Online Relocation Guide, Photos and great KEYWORD response from zillions of "TrinityCam" pages to search engines showcases ALL of the county.

Please utilize the Trinity County (CA) Election BLOG... post information, exchange ideas, help build a better community.